Japan Representative

Name Affiliation Title
IWASA Yoshihiro The University of Tokyo, School of Engineering professor

Chinese Representative

Name Affiliation Title
YUAN Hongtao Nanjing University, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences professor

Korean Representative

Name Affiliation Title
CHEONG Hyeonsik Sogang University, Department of Physics professor

Japan Members

Name Affiliation Title
ENOKI Toshiaki The Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute Visiting Fellow
OTSUJI Taiichi Tohoku University professor
TANIGUCHI Takashi Research Center for Functional Materials Group Leader
SUENAGA Kazutomo National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Prime Senior Researcher
MACHIDA Tomoki the University of Tokyo professor
MATSUDA Kazunari Kyoto University professor
YAMAMOTO Michihisa The University of Tokyo Associate Professor
ISHIZAKA Kyoko The University of Tokyo professor
KATO Toshiaki Tohoku University Associate Professor
SUGAWARA Katsuaki Tohoku University Associate Professor
Mohammad Saeed
The University of Tokyo Professor
AGO Hiroki Kyushu University professor
TAKENOBU Taishi Nagoya University professor

Chinese Members

Name Affiliation Title
ZHANG Yuanbo Fudan University Professor
TAN Pingheng Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor
PENG Hailin Pekin University Professor
ZHOU Shuyun Tsinghua University Professor
WANG Jian Pekin University Professor
ZHANG Haijun Nanjing University Professor
XI Xiaoxiang Nanjing University Professor
ZHANG Yi Nanjing University Professor
LIU Zhongkai ShanghaiTech University Assistant Professor
ZHANG Qing Pekin University Assistant Professor
ZHANG Yanfeng Pekin University Professor
WANG Lei Nanjing University Professor

Korean Members

Name Affiliation Title
IM Seongil Yonsei University Professor
CHOI Sung-Yool KAIST Professor
YEOM Han Woong POSTECH Professor
SON Young-Woo KIAS Professor
JANG Joon Ik Sogang University Assistant Professor
LEE Chul-Ho Korea University Assistant Professor
PARK Bae Ho Konkuk University Professor
SHIN Hyeon Suk UNIST Professor
KIM Jun Sung POSTECH Associate Professor
PARK Je-Geun Seoul National University Professor
LEE Sang Wook Ewha Womans University Professor
CHUNG Hyun-Jong Konkuk University Associate Professor
SHIN Dong Hoon Ewha Womans University Research Professor