The 7th International Workshop on 2D Materials(on-line)

Day 1 (18th)
Name Title Country
8:55 Yoshihiro Iwasa Opening  
Chairman: Yoshihiro Iwasa (JP)
9:00〜9:30 Young-Woo Son Theory of ground and excited states in layered magnetic materials KIAS, Korea
9:30〜10:00 Jian Wang Evidence of Majorana zero mode in 2D high Tc interface superconductors Peking University, China
10:00〜10:30 Iwao Matsuda Topological Dirac nodal loops in nonsymmorphic hydrogenated monolayer boron The University of Tokyo, Japan
10:30〜10:45 Break
Chairman: Zhongkai Liu (CH)
10:45〜11:15 Kyoko Ishizaka micro-ARPES study on atomic layer TMD flakes Japan
11:15〜11:45 Shuyun Zhou Plasmaron dispersion and effective fine-structure constant in graphene/BN heterostructure Tsinghua University, China
11:45〜12:15 Jieun Lee Generation and control of Berry curvature dipole in 2D honeycomb lattices Seoul National University, Korea
12:15〜13:30 Lunch
Chairman: Kazunari Matsuda(JP)
13:30〜14:00 Xinfeng Liu Tailoring the light-matter interaction in 2D materials National center for nanoscience and technology, China
14:00〜14:30 Chul-Ho Lee Molecular Band Engineering in 2D Semiconductor Heterojunctions Korea University, Korea
14:30〜14:45 Break
Chairman: Qing Zhang (CH)
14:45〜15:15 Taishi Takenobu Two-Dimensional (2D) Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (TMDCs) and OneDimensional (1D) Transition Metal Chalcogenides (TMCs) Nagoya University, Japan
15:15〜15:45 Jong-Hyun Ahn Micro-LED and OLED display enabled by MoS2 transistor array Yonsei University, Korea
15:45〜16:00 Break
Session1 Name Title Country
Chairman: Rai Moriya (JP)
16:00〜16:15 YR1 Yanzhao Liu Tunable discrete scale invariance in transition-metal pentatelluride flakes Peking University, China
16:15〜16:30 YR2 Keisuke Shinokita Resonant excitation of moiré exciton in a WSe2/MoSe2 heterobilayer Kyoto University, Japan
16:30〜16:45 YR3 Gwangtaek Oh Gate-Tunable Photodetector and High-Mobility Ambipolar Transistor Konkuk University, Korea
16:45〜17:00 YR4 Xiangyu Bi Experimental Observation of Two-Dimensional Superconductivity in Bulk 2H-NbS2 Department of Materials Science and Technology, China
17:00〜17:15 Break
Chairman: Xin Zhang (CH)
17:15〜17:30 YR5 Hengsheng Luo Cuprate high-temperature superconductivity in the extreme two-dimensional limit Fudan University, China
17:30〜17:45 YR6 Yoon Seok Kim Atomic-layer-confined multiple quantum wells enabled by monolithic bandgap engineering of transition metal dichalcogenides Korea University, Korea
17:45〜18:00 YR7 Takuya Iwasaki Quantum transport in graphene/hexagonal boron nitride superlattices MANA, NIMS, Japan
18:00〜18:15 YR8 Miri Seo Mass classification of materials using machine learning in noisy environment Ewha Womans University, Korea
Session2 Name Title Country
Chairman: Jingyue Wang (CH)
16:00〜16:15 YR9 Pengfei Yang Controllable synthesis of wafer-scale single-crystal MoS2 films Peking University, China
16:15〜16:30 YR10 Woonggi Hong Layer controlled growth of MoS2 by MOCVD KAIST, Korea
16:30〜16:45 YR11 Chun Li Controllable graphoepitaxy for the large-scale growth of perovskite nanowire arrays Peking University, China
16:45〜17:00 YR12 Xing He Research on Schottky Contact of Monolayer WS2 in Transparent Solar Cell Tohoku University, Japan
17:00〜17:15 Break
Chairman: Kaixuan Zhang (KR)
17:15〜17:30 YR13 Hao Ou Spatial Control of Dynamic p-i-n Junctions in Large-area Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Light-Emitting Devices Nagoya University, Japan
17:30〜17:45 YR14 Jingyue Wang Quantum transport study of ultrahigh-mobility 2D Bi2O2Se Peking University, China
17:45〜18:00 YR15 Seong In Yoon Graphene sandwich structures for organic reactions UNIST, Korea
18:00〜18:15 YR16 Masato Sakano Direct observation of the layer-number-dependent electronic structure in few-layer WTe2 The University of Tokyo, Japan
Day 2 (19th)
Name Title Country
Chairman: Hongtao YUAN (CH)
9:00〜10:00 Hyeonsik Cheong Raman Spectroscopy for 2D Materials Research Sogang University, Korea
10:00〜11:00 Toshiaki Kato Growth dynamics of 2D materials Tohoku University, Japan
11:00〜11:15 Break
Chairman: Han Woong Yeom (KR)
11:15〜12:15 Lin He Novel electronic states in graphene Beijing Normal University, China
12:15〜13:30 Lunch
Session1 Name Title Country
Chairman: Keisuke Shinokita (JP)
13:30〜13:45 YR17 Yu Dong Symmetry engineering and bulk photovoltaic effect in WSe2/black phosphorus heterostructure The University of Tokyo, Japan
13:45〜14:00 YR18 Kaixuan Zhang Gigantic current control of coercive field and spin-orbit-torque in topological van-der-Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 Seoul National University, Korea
14:00〜14:15 YR19 Jun Ge Magnetic Moments Induced by Atomic Vacancies in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Flakes Peking University, China
14:15〜14:30 YR20 Hye Ryung Byun Optical and magnetic properties in Mn-doped layered 2D n-butylammonium bromide single crystals Sogang University, Korea
14:30〜14:45 Break
Chairman: Hye Ryung Byun (KR)
14:45〜15:00 YR21 Eun su An Thickness dependent magnetic phase diagram of iron-based metallic van der Waals magnets POSTECH, Korea
15:00〜15:15 YR22 Tongshuai Zhu Tunable dynamical magnetoelectric effect in antiferromagnetic topological insulator MnBi2Te4 films Nanjing University, China
15:15〜15:30 YR23 Rai Moriya Emergence of orbital angular moment at van Hove singularity in graphene/h-BN moiré superlattice The University of Tokyo, Japan
Session2 Name Title Country
Chairman: Masato Sakano (JP)
13:30〜13:45 YR24 Tianran Li A native high-κ gate dielectric for 2D electronics Peking University, China
13:45〜14:00 YR25 Keisuke Fukutani Detecting Photoelectrons from spontaneously formed excitons CALDES, IBS, Korea
14:00〜14:15 YR26 Tappei Kawakami Electronic structure of multi-layer VTe2 thin film studied by ARPES Tohoku University, Japan
14:15〜14:30 YR27 Yongjae Cho Approaches to minimize operating voltages of MoTe2 channel/P(VDF-TrFE) ferroelectric nonvolatile memory Yonsei University, Korea
14:30〜14:45 Break
Chairman: Seong In Yoon (KR)
14:45〜15:00 YR28 Xin Zhang Dynamically-enhanced strain in atomically thin resonators Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
15:00〜15:15 YR29 Jun-Ho Lee Semiconductor-less Vertical Transistor with ION/IOFF of 106 Konkuk University, Korea
15:15〜15:30 YR30 Daichi Ogiura Fast terahertz detection in asymmetric dual-grating-gate graphene-channel FETs Tohoku University, Japan
15:30〜15:45 Break
Name Title Country
Chairman: Hyeonsik CHEONG (KR)
15:45〜16:15 Invited 11 Wei Ruan Imaging quantum spin liquid behavior in single-layer 1T-TaSe2 Fudan University, China
16:15〜16:45 Invited 12 Kazu Suenaga Nanoscale Investigation of Local Optical Properties from Low-dimensional Materials using Electron Energy-loss Spectroscopy Osaka University, Japan
16:50 Closing