Joint Research on

Novel Physical Properties and

Functionalities of Emerging

2D Materials and

van der Waals Heterostructures

Purpose of the Project

Research on Two-dimensional (2D) Materials, which were triggered by the discovery of graphene, are rapidly expanding target materials to a variety of layered materials including chalcogenides, and have grown to a major field of materials science all over the world. The 2D materials, the atomically thinned materials, are nowadays well known to exhibit distinct properties from those of their bulk counterparts. Furthermore, laminating atomically thin 2D materials may lead to fabrication of van der Waals heterostructures or supperlattices.

The Asia-Pacific region, including A3 countries (Japan, China, and Korea), has come to occupy an increasingly important position in the 2D materials researches through the top-notch researches by young generations, and organizing annual international conferences in the corresponding filed. The purpose of this Project is to promote the exchange of young researchers and international collaborations, and to make the A3 countries a world-class center of excellence in the 2D materials science.

Japan’s leader: Prof. IWASA Yoshihiro (University of Tokyo)
China’s leader: Prof. YUAN Hongtao (Nanjing University)
Korea’s leader: Prof. CHEONG Hyeonsik (Sogang University)